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Vol 7, No 2 (2016)

July - December 2016

This is the second issue of the year 2016 (July - December) of the Technical Education Journal KMUTNB.

Table of Contents

Academic Articles

Comparison Greenhouse Gas Emissions Due to Different Construction Techniques on Road Construction Project PDF
Mathagul Metham และ Vacharapoom Benjaoran 1-9
Grounded Capacitance Multiplier Using Second Generation Current Conveyor PDF
Kanokwan Ruangsiri และ Montree Siripruchyanun 10-18
A Construction of Life Skills Test for Mathayomsuksa 4-6 Students in Kuruprachasan School PDF
Amnat Rumruen และ Porntip Chaiso 19-29
Web-Based Training on the Basic of Manufacturing Process Simulation Software for Undergraduate Students of Industrial Engineering Department\, King Mongkut\’s University of Technology North Bangkok PDF
Auchanee Sauram และ Nattapon Rampai 30-40
The Development of Mathematics Teacher Training Curriculum for Vocational Certificate Curriculum of the Office of Vocational Education Commission Using Cooperative Learning PDF
Natthaya Salabsom , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Chaiwichit Chianchana 41-51
The Development of Administration on Short Training Course Module for Education Institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission PDF
Ruangsang Hasakool , Chaiwichit Chianchana และ Pairote Stirayakorn 52-60
The Study Components of Personal Potential of a Top-level Manager in Order to Enhance the Organizational Competitiveness in Thai Alcoholic Beverage Industry PDF
Orrawewan Komolratwattana , Suwattana Thepchit และ Preede Atawinijtrakarn 61-71
Development of Web-based Instruction Using Brain-based Learning for Enhancing Analytical Thinking Skill PDF
Koonrapee Buddhamongkol , Saroch Sopeerak และ Sasichaai Tanamai 72-80
Student Satisfaction toward Student Affairs service, Faculty of Technical Education\, King Mongkut\’s University of Technology North Bangkok PDF
Melada Klinmalee 81-90
Web - based Instruction Development by Integrated Collaborative Learning and Problem based Learning for Undergraduate Students PDF
Nisakorn Paiboonsin และ Saroch Sopeerak 91-101
Guidelines to Improve the Efficiency of Organizing Hotel Business Conferences for Mice City in Amphoe Mueang Khon Kaen Province PDF
Numpung Sripui และ Panutporn Ruangchoengchum 102-111
Development of an Academic Administration towards Excellence Model of Educational Opportunity Extension Schools under Office of the Basic Education Commission in the Northeast Region PDF
Charoenporn Khamchan 112-122
Exercise on the estimation skills of tightening Nuts and Bolts PDF
Surasak Limveeraprajak 123-131
The Study of Effectiveness Comparison of Traffic control system at T-Intersection on the Major Highway A Case Study at Suranaree University of Technology Entrance PDF
Porntita Tamapan และ Rathapol Phubupphapan 132-141
Innovation of Histopathologic Diagnostic Skills Program for Medical Students PDF
Suchada Katedee , Charun Sanrach และ Thiwaporn Thesawadwong 142-150
Development of Learning Object Using Edutainment Concept on Introduction to Chinese Communications for Mathayomsuksa 1 Students PDF
Porntip Kongkaew และ Sasichaai Tanamai 151-159
The Development of Management Model of Academic Services for Industry of Science and Technology Autonomous Universities PDF
Somnoek Wisuttipaet , Teravuti Boonyasopon , Taweesak Roopsing และ Preeda Attavinijtrakarn 160-168
The Development of Teacher Training Program to Construct Self-learning Packages for Integrated Instruction of Students with Professional Experience Transfer according to the Vocational Education Curriculum PDF
Patchareeporn Bangkheow , Sobsan Utakrit , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Sirirak Ratchusanti 169-180
Development Application on Tablet for the Mathematics Learning Disability PDF
Phimchanok Udomphon , Paitoon Srifa และ Jongkol Kanperm 181-190
The Development of System to Promote Community Enterprise in Educational Institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission PDF
Pratin Leanchumroon , Pisit Methapatara และ Pirote Stirayakorn 191-200
Development of Application for Computer Tablet on Addition with Secrets of Mental Math Techniques to Enhance Fast Mathematics Calculation Skill of Prathomsuksa 6 Students PDF
Tossaporn Ditsiri และ Narong Sompong 201-209
A Development of Training Program of Standard Professional Evaluation System for Educational Institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission PDF
Orapin Doungkaew , Pisit Methapatara และ Pirote Stirayakorn 210-219
Tourism Motivation Factors of Elderly Tourists in Thailand PDF
Nattiya Wonglakorn , Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha , Kankrong Suangka และ Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao 220-230
Continuous Individual Information Technology Competency Evaluation Framework in Software Development Life Cycle PDF
Tawa Khampachua และ Somkid Saelee 231-240
Problems of Producing Academic Work of Vocational Instructors in the Office of the Private Educational Commission Bangkok Metropolitan PDF
Arada Mungdee , Anuchai Ramwarungkura และ Panit Khemthong 241-249
Development of Multimedia Lesson to Demonstrate the Using of Application Program on Media Sound Production PDF
Intira Robroo 250-258
The Development of a Volunteer Training Activity with PAOR of eDLTV Learning for Small Schools in the Network of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University PDF
Apichat Lagdee , Somjet Poosri และ Worapapha Arreerard 259-267
The Relation Factor of Job Satisfaction toward to Human Relationship: Case Study Operation Employees of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University PDF
Patchachapong Chuanchom และ Prasopchai Pasunon 269-276
The Effect of Using Digital Magazine by Creative Solution Affecting to Creative Product of Mathayomsuksa 3 Students PDF
Mattika Chidchob และ Thanarat Thanakijcharoensuk 277-285
The Standard and Indicators for Effectiveness of Aeronautical Educational Management PDF
Prasert Intarak และ Kongsak Chomchum 286-294

Research Articles

Success Factors of Project Management on Vocational Teachers and Personnel Training PDF
Pakpoom Pusakunsataporn 295-300
The Conformity of Thailand’s Industrial Design Education to the Industry PDF
Aracha Krasae-in , Suphichaya Suppipat และ Napawadee Rojanathum 301-309

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