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The Development of Collaborative Learning Management via Social Network: Facebook

Phongthanat Sae-Joo


According to collaborative learning management has been implemented by information and communication technology such as Facebook, the students can cooperate many activities effectively. This research aimed to 1) analyze components of collaborative learning and applied activities of Facebook 2) design and develop collaborative learning management by social network : Facebook 3) study the collaborative learning management. The examples were the 45 internship students in computer education program of Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University in academic year 2556. The result declared 1). the components and activities of collaborative learning: positive interdependence, face-to-face promotive interaction, individual accountability, interpersonal and small-group skills, and group processing, can be applied as activities in facebook processes such as chatting, consulting for help and sharing information among members, 2). the design and development were implemented as comparison, 3). the result of collaborative learning management by social network: Facebook were as 3 activities (1) asking for help, consulting and consideration 94.59% of posting were responded (2) Information announcement which more than 95% of announcement were seen and (3) files sharing in Facebook group which 93.88 % of sharing were recognized therefore, collaborative learning management can be performed in the school internship activities continuously.


Collaborative learning; Social network; Facebook

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