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Vol 8, No 1 (2017)

January - June 2017

This is the first issue of the year 2017 (January-June) of the Technical Education Journal KMUTNB.

Table of Contents

Academic Articles

The Development of Collaborative Knowledge Management on a Website for Improving Competencies of State Academic Libraries’ Staffs for the ASEAN Community PDF
Warapan Apisuphachok และ Saroch Sopeerak 001-009
Factors Affecting the Performance of the Air Traffic Controllers of Royal Thai Navy PDF
Bordin Yuenchon และ Areerat Sensod 010-016
Development of Training Program for Industrial Profession Subject Administration to Enhance Analytical Thinking with WebQuest PDF
Arthit Jirawattanaphol , Monchai Tiantong และ Chaiwichit Chia 017-025
A Study of Factors Affecting Intention of Helmet Use: An Application of the Theory of Health Belief Model PDF
Dissakoon Chonsalasin , Siradol Siridhara , Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha , Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao และ Duangdao Watthanaklang 026-035
Measurement Model of Service Quality of Sightseeing Bus Tours for Foreign Tourists PDF
Phanuphong Prajongkha , Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha , Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao และ Duangdao Watthanaklang 036-045
A Development of Diagnostic Test in Mathematics Word Problems Solving for Prathomsuksa 6 Students under Suphanburi Primary Educational Service Area Office 1 PDF
Areerat Saengdao , Warunee Lapanachokdee และ Chanon Chuntra 046-054
The Structural Equation Model of Adoption Behavior of ERPs for Healthcare Organizations in Thailand PDF
Sakonnan Huncharoen และ Namon Jeerungsuwan 055-062
The Development of Learning Management System for Tablets PDF
Pongnarin Lerdrungporn , Krisamant Wattananarong และ Teerapong Wiriyanon 063-071
Development of Activity Teachers Training Curriculum by Using Activity Camping Process to Enhance Life Skills for Vocational College Student PDF
Terdsak Nisangkad , Sobsan Utakrit และ Monchai Tiantong 072-080
A Development of Smartphone Learn on New Paradigms for Educational Technology PDF
Panumas Mesprasat , Attaporn Ridhikerd และ Chantana Viriyavejakul 081-087
The Management Competency Development Model for Private Administrators in Non-formal Education in Readiness Preparation to Enter the ASEAN Economic Community PDF
Nantana Chavasirikultol , Teravuti Boonyasopon , Sunchai Inthapichai และ Siripan Choomnoom 088-096
The Development of Knowledge Management Model for Fire Protection System Business in Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries PDF
Thanyarat Putphueng , Mongkol Wangsathitwong และ Preeda Attavinijtrakarn 097-105
The Development of Collaborative Learning Management via Social Network: Facebook PDF
Phongthanat Sae-Joo 106-114
The Development of Training Program for Head of Department in Administration of a Coaching and Mentoring System of the New Teachers under the Office of Vocational Education Commission PDF
Narongchai Suksawakhon , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Pisit Methapatara 115-123
Developing Mobile Learning Application Model via the Buddhist Catechism Method of five Aggregated PDF
Sorraya Priaoprasit , Prachyanun Nilsook และ Pullop Piriyasurawong 124-133
The Development of Trainers’ Training Course on Authentic Evaluation Using Participatory Learning Method for Vocational Teachers PDF
Mujalin Binchai , Pairote Stirayakorn และ Pisit Methapatara 134-143
The Development of Creative Thinking by Using the Creative Skills Practice on Computer Project Subject PDF
Boonnita Jittreechao , Boonreang Kajornsin และ Warunee Lapanachokdee 144-151
Development of DAISY Audio Books on ASEAN Studies for Visual Impair Students of the Bangkok School for the Blind PDF
Supamas Boonsom , Narong Sompong และ Nattaphon Rampai 152-160
Development of Teacher Field Experience Information Technology System for Pre-service Teachers\, Faculty of Education\, Rajabhat Dhonburi University PDF
Wasana Sungpum และ Namon Jeerungsuwan 161-169
Developing the System Thinking Capability by using Brainstorming to Create Concept Mapping in the First-year Students of Bachelor of Education\, College of Teacher Education\, Phranakhon Rajabhat University PDF
Sumana Sottipolanun 170-177
The Evaluation of Project on Qualifications for Anti-Drug Policy (QAD) of Pracharatbamphen School PDF
Pawina Khrutphueak , Warunee Lapanachokdee และ Pikun Akwarangkoon 178-185
Hybrid Force/EMG Based Control System for Rehabilitation Robot PDF
Sarut Panjan และ Siam Charoenseang 186-195
Development of Supervisors’ Training Course on Developing Technicians Competency Training Package for Specific Requirements of Enterprises PDF
Chartchai Taloonchan , Pisit Methapatara และ Pairote Stirayakorn 196-205
The Facilitation Models Development for Disabled Persons at Don Mueang International Airport PDF
Putthaporn Chowsungnearn , Waraporn Temkaew และ Apirada Namsang 206-212
Mechatronic Packing Machine Automatic Training Set PDF
Sanit Khwanmuang 213-221
Development of P-CSDE Learning Model on Digital Communication System Course for Telecommunication Engineering Education PDF
Anurak Mekpayom , Surapan Tansriwong และ Somsak Akatimagool 222-230
The Effect of using Web Based Instruction Model Based on Constructionism to Develop Agricultural Students’ Creative Thinking of Thailand PDF
Jirath Sawatdiphatcharakul และ Sunchai Pattanasith 231-240
Marketing Mix Factors Influence for Choosing in European Destination by Thai Passenger of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited PDF
Voraprija Kamalasana , Apirada Namsang และ Waraporn Temkaew 241-247
A Model of Private Vocational Education Administration for ASEAN Community PDF
Khajornsak Intarasopa และ Prasert Intarak 248-256
The Development of Experience Based Training Model on Wireless Internet Network Technology for Engineers PDF
Tawach Chompu , Surapan Tansriwong และ Somsak Akatimagool 257-265
The possibility in opening to teach Fine Arts Subject. Fine Arts Program in Music of Phetchaburi Vocational College PDF
Wissanu Hasakool , Anak Charanyanont , Narongchai Pithokrat และ Jessada Dhamwanit 266-273

Research Articles

The Policy Implementation of Lifelong Learning in the Educational Institutions under Office of the Vocational Education Commission PDF
Pakpoom Pusakunsataporn 274-281
Integration of Goals for Learner Development in 21st Century Following Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and Teaching Virtuous Project Technic to Develop Moral Reasoning PDF
Titiya Netwong และ Preecha Nuannim 282-288
Education 4.0 for Student in the 21st Century PDF
Pinanta Chatwattana และ Pallop Piriyasurawong 289-298

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