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Marketing Mix Factors Influence for Choosing in European Destination by Thai Passenger of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

Voraprija Kamalasana, Apirada Namsang, Waraporn Temkaew


The purposes of this research 1) to study the influence of demographic factors on Thai passengers’ choice behavior in choosing to travel with Thai Airways in European destinations. and 2) to study the effect of service marketing mix elements on Thai passengers buying decision. The sample size of this research is 400 passengers of Thai passenger in European destination between January to July 2015. The tool used to collect data a set of questionnaire. The statistics used for data analysis is the value frequency percentage mean and standard deviation. The findings of this research were as follows : 1) Most of the respondents were married males who held a bachelor’s degree aged between 36 to 50 years old and state enterprise officer who earned average income between THB 30,001 and 60,000 monthly. Most of them purchased a service from travel agent and went on a trip one time in the last three years. They got the information from the internet. The research results revealed that the main reason for choosing an airline is the travel rewards card. and 2) Moreover, customers considered all service marketing mix factors are important and the decision of the service marketing mix was at high level. Passenger focus on services marketing mix in order of descending below. People, Product, Processes, Physical Environment, Promotion, Place and Price.


European Destination; Service Marketing Mix; Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

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