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The Development of Experience Based Training Model on Wireless Internet Network Technology for Engineers

Tawach Chompu, Surapan Tansriwong, Somsak Akatimagool


The objectives of this research have 1) to develop training model, 2) to develop training package, 3) to validate performance of training model and 4) to evaluate the satisfaction of trainees according to the experience based training model on wireless internet network technology for engineers. The research procedures are study of the conceptual framework of experience based training model , then develop and design the training model called ESDGAE model that comprises of (1) Experience, (2) Sharing, (3) Discussion, (4) Generation, (5) Apply and (6) Evaluation. The constructed training package consists content sheet of 4 lessons, PowerPoint presentation, video presentation, demonstration sets and achievement tests. After that, the quality of developed training package using ESDGAE model was evaluated by 8 experts. Finally, the developed research tools were used to try out with the 14 sample engineers of Surin maintenance centre of Advance Info Service Public Company Limited. The research results shown that 1) the developed training model was more appropriate (Mean = 4.37, S.D. = 0.67), 2) the quality of developed training package was good, 3) the efficiency of developed training package was 81.67/82.12, and 4) the trainee's satisfaction has more satisfy level (Mean = 4.48, S.D. = 0.63), that were consistent with the research hypothesis. The proposed training package using ESDGAE model can be used effectively in the training of wireless internet network technology for engineers and related peoples.


Experience Based Training Model; Training Package; Wireless Internet Network Technology

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