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Product Design Review in a Virtual Reality Environment

Channarong Trakunsaranakom, Suthep Butdee, Fréderic Noël, Philippe Marin


The aim of this research is the product design review in a virtual reality environment. The design activities consist of the usage or not of the haptic arm force-feedback combined or not with 3D stereoscopic display through basic sensors. The movements of design activities were evaluated by the low basic sensors application consisting of docking, duration, and instability sensor. The use case was thus organized around a barrel cam mechanism design which it has a single rotation motion but a complex cam 3D trajectory. We are specifically concerned by activities involved at design stage or at manufacturing preparation stage and we will have tuning design parameters to ensure that the mechanism is working well. We have implemented the experiment on four environments including either stereoscopy or haptic force-feedback device were used to establish comparisons respect to this research.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2018.04.004


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