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Materials Characterization Techniques for the Analyses of Components of Port Fuel Injectors

Joe Yenube Lambongang, Piyada Suwanpinij


Recent materials for port fuel injector components undergo diverse feature changing manufacturing processes. These extra features enable them to withstand the harsh environments they are subject to. This makes the analyses of such small port fuel injector materials a daunting task after their manufacture. This study analyzes various characterization techniques of different probe sizes and atmospheric conditions. It determines the ideal techniques to use when analyzing materials of different types of port fuel injectors after their manufacture. In quantitative chemical analysis, the presence of monochromator and vacuum, produced reliable results in the case of X-ray Fluorescent Spectroscopy (XRF) with X-ray tube. Fabrication techniques and the stainless steel groups of the components were also found to influence which techniques work best.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2018.11.008


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