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The Packaging Design Approach and Evaluation Process by Integrating ISO/TR 14062 in a Decision Support Methodology

Athakorn Kengpol, Jeeranuch Buddeejeen, Markku Tuominen


The environmental, economic and social conscious are particularly important in the sustainable design product. ISO/TR 14062 suggests the conceptual guideline in environmental management into product and packaging design and development stage. However, the evaluation of the sustainable design selection based upon life cycle thinking is unavailable in detail design process. The objectives of this research are to develop the sustainable  packaging methodology at the conceptual design phase, and to enhance the new guidelines to quantify  an efficient sustainable packaging evaluation process by integrating ISO/TR 14062 in a decision support  methodology. It is intended to integrate between life cycle thinking and major stakeholders for functional quality, cost, and environmental aspects in the early design phases. The methodology has been tested with a very large enterprise in the section of hard disk drive internal factory packaging and it was found that the approach of  a new packaging design can assist the designer to develop the sustainable packaging whilst achieving desirable functions, increasing environmental conscious and cost effectiveness. In addition, the evaluation process can assess decision scenarios on the new design according to the investment comparison.


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