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An Evaluation of the Center of Pressure by the Multi-Layers Rubber Mats Using Image-base Rapid Pressure Measuring System

Thossaporn Kaewwichit, Chien Hsun Tseng, Chong Ching Chang


The Multi-Layers Rubber Mats (MLRM) ink footprint has been used to analyze plantar pressure in qualitative data and foot arch index for the customized insole which reflected pressure beneath barefoot. In this study, the MLRM was evaluated the center of pressure (COP) in quantify data by image-base measuring system. The footprint in static and dynamics states were performed to investigate significant difference of the COP. Subsequently, the COP results were compared with a pressure platform. The results showed that, there were some estimate disparity in XCOP (17.4%, p<0.001) and showed good relationship on the YCOP (4.23%, p=0.278) coordinate where compared with the pressure platform. Then, the COP from dynamic state which affected of accumulated pressure during performed dynamic action and the results showed good relation in disparity to static state. Therefore, the evaluation of the COP by image-base measuring system is helpful for clinician or insole maker which able to check the COP from MLRM ink footprint.


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