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A theoretical analysis for tube bulge forming using elastomer medium

M. Ramezani, T. Neitzert


A new theoretical model is presented in this paper for bulge forming of tubular components with solid bulging mediums. The model is based on the results of the friction model which was developed previously by one of the authors for rubber/metal contact and takes into account the effect of local contact conditions. FE simulations using commercial software ABAQUS are carried out for an axisymmetric tube bulging operation using the defined friction model. The comparisons of the results of the theoretical model and the FE simulations clearly show that the newly developed theoretical model is suitable for predicting forming pressure and stress in the tube. The effect of key process parameters such as the friction between the tube and the die, the tube initial thickness and the length of the ealastomeric rod on the results are investigated using theoretical and FE models


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