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A Review on the Philosophies for the Advancement of Polymer-based Composites: Past, Present and Future Perspective

Isiaka Oluwole Oladele, Taiwo Fisayo Omotosho, Gabriel Seun Ogunwande, Felix Adebayo Owa


Research has been consider as a tool for recycling existing scientific ideas to promote improved concepts for the development of new materials. All technological innovations have links with the ancient philosophies that are being adapted progressively. Given this, composite material development remains one of the most excellent methods to influence the environment to meet human needs. Various studies have shown that polymer-based composites have emerged as the leading group of composites that are fast displacing all other materials in several applications due to their inherent properties. Polymer-based composites can be entirely synthetic, completely natural, or a mixture of synthetic and natural-based. However, a recent desire for eco-friendly materials has shifted attention from complete synthetic-based materials to natural fibers, whether in a partial or a total replacement. Thus, this review provides an overview of research trends from synthetic to natural based polymer composites. The article also highlights the different intrinsic classifications of composites, their developments, areas of applications, and their projections into the future in line with considerations for environment and applications.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2021.08.003


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