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Investigation of the Motion of a Spherical Object Located at Soft Elastic and Viscoelastic Material Interface for Identification of Material Properties

Hasan Koruk, Antonios N. Pouliopoulos


Measuring the properties of soft viscoelastic materials is challenging. Here, the motion of a spherical object located at the soft elastic and viscoelastic material interface for the identification of material properties is thoroughly investigated. Formulations for different loading cases were derived. First, the theoretical models for a spherical object located at an elastic medium interface were derived, ignoring the medium viscosity. After summarizing the model for the force reducing to zero following the initial loading, we developed mathematical models for the force reducing to a lower non-zero value or increasing to a higher non-zero value, following the initial loading. Second, a similar derivation process was followed to evaluate the response of a spherical object located at a viscoelastic medium interface. Third, by performing systematic analyses, the theoretical models obtained via different approaches were compared and evaluated. Fourth, the measured and predicted responses of a spherical object located at a gelatin phantom interface were compared and the viscoelastic material properties were identified. It was seen that the frequency of oscillations of a spherical object located at the sample interface during loading was 10–15% different from that during unloading in the experimental studies here. The results showed that different loading cases have immense practical value and the formulations for different loading cases can provide an accurate determination of material properties in a multitude of biomedical and industrial applications.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2023.12.002


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