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Thermodynamic Analysis and Optimization of Distillation Column: A Guide to Improved Energy Utilization

Aniediong Moses Umo, Etim Nyong Bassey


Energy consumption no doubt contributes a lot to the cost of production. To maximize profit, energy loss due to lost work must be minimized during production. Thus in this research, thermodynamic analysis was used to determine the energy efficiency of a propane-propylene splitter. In addition, the thermodynamic analysis was used to identify scope for possible modification and to set target for the column modification. The result indicated that the thermodynamic efficiency of the system was increased by 2.2% and the lost work in the column was reduced by 21.7Kw/hr. This was achieved by sacrificing only 2Kw/hr increase in the column minimum work.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.ijast.2017.05.003


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