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Vol 4, No 3 (2011)

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Evaluation of different methods in quantification of manufacturing defects PDF
Bui Minh Hien , A. Sergent and F. Villeneuve 1-11
Critical Success Factors for Six Sigma Deployment in Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia PDF
M. D. Baba , N. Norani , A. W. Lim and A. R. Mohd Nizam 13-23
The APTA method for the tolerance analysis of products – comparison of capability-based tolerance and inertial tolerance PDF
N. Gayton , P. Beaucaire , E. Duc and M. Lemaire 25-37
A New Approach for the Effectiveness of Coaxiality Tolerance Verification PDF
G. Kaisarlis , C. Provatidis and M. Sfantsikopoulos 39-49
Reconstruction of Planar Cam Profile Function and its Follower Displacement using B-Spline Curve based on Inverse Subdivision Method and Theory of Contact Relations - Application to Cam Mechanism of Oscillating Follower with Roller PDF
C. Le and K. Nguyen Tan 51-58
Variations and Clearance Computation in Overconstrained Mechanisms PDF
Faïda Mhenni , Philippe Serré , Abdelfattah Mlika , Lotfi Romdhane and Alain Rivière 59-69
Development of Visual Inspection for Plastics using Image Processing Technique PDF
K. Patoommakesorn , P. Tearwattanarattikal and W. Siangdung 71-81
Defining acceptance criteria on parts in order to maximise the use of functional condition domain PDF
A. Van Hoecke 83-94

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