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Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

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Effect of Cryogenic Cutting Coolants on Cutting Forces and Chip Morphology in Machining Ti-6Al-4V Alloy PDF
Pradeep Kumar M. and Dilip Jerold B. 1-7
Single Axis Error Compensation of Ultra Precision Lathe Using Dual Servo Actuation PDF
Aravind Raghavendra M R. and Senthil Kumar A. 9-16
Finding a Best Fit Plane to Non-coplanar Point-cloud Data Using Non Linear and Linear Equations PDF
Mulay A. and Ahuja B.B. 17-23
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for Generation of Joint Angle Trajectory PDF
Nikhade G.R. , Chiddarwar S.S. and Deshpande V.S. 25-32
Surface Modification and Thermal Bonding in COC Polymeric Microfluidic Chip PDF
Yue C.Y. and Roy S. 33-38
Prediction of Delamination in End Milling of GFRP Using ANSYS PDF
Praveen Raj P. and Elaya Perumal A. 39-46
Porous Ceramic/Glass Composite Body by Microwave Assisted Substitutional Combustion Synthesis and Sponge Replica Technique PDF
Lee C.C. , Yoshikawa N. and Taniguchi S. 47-54
The Continuous Facility Layout Problem with Determination of Entrance and Exit Location PDF
Chayathach Phuaksaman 55-60
High Value Manufacturing in the UK: A Study of its Challenges, Opportunities and Emerging Technologies PDF
C.R. Featherston , M.J. Gregory , A. Gill and E. O'Sullivan 61-70
A Study on Common Risks and Body Parts Complaints by Standing Workstation Female Operators in an Electronics Product Manufacturing Company PDF
B.M. Deros , N.K. Khamis , J.A. Ghani , A.R.M. Yusoff and C. Salleh 71-78

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