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Fin-Solar Collector for Producing Heat in Drying Process

Samruay Puban, Samruay Rungsin, Pisut Thantong, Sadthavut Duangchan, Preeda Chantawong



The study aims to evaluate the efficiency of 3 designed fin-solar collectors applied for gathering heat for the drying
process. The experimental set comprises a flat solar collector plate (0.5 sq.m.), which was made of smooth plywood and painted black. Altogether 68 fin sheets were installed on the absorbing plate, generating 0.9 sq.m. sunbeam absorbing area. The fins were made of zinc-coated iron sheets in black cover. The 3 developed patterns included trapezoid, semicircle on top of trapezoid, and isosceles triangle shapes. The glass drying box was installed with a ventilator and a 600-watt heater intended for additional heat. Hot air obtained through the process was tested in dehydrating wet cotton balls. As results, the efficiency of the fin plate and that of the drying process were significantly consistent. The performance of the designed semi-circle on top of trapezoid plate proved to be better than the trapezoid and isosceles patterns.


Fin, Solar collector, Drying

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