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Synchronous Flyback Converter Coupled with Fuzzy Logic Control Efficiently Controls a Serially Connected VRLA Battery String

Charnyut Karnjanpiboon, Kammon Jirasereeamornkul



This paper presents a high efficiency charge equalization system for balancing the energy in a serially connected, valveregulated, lead acid battery string using a synchronous flyback converter. Each flyback converter was coupled through a DC-link bus in order to increase the overall energy transfer efficiency of the system and to eliminate the problem of unbalanced charging of the batteries. To ensure that the charge equalization system operated smoothly and safely charged the batteries, a fuzzy logic controller was used in the control section of the system. The validity of this approach was confirmed by computer simulation and by experimentation. The efficiency of this synchronous flyback converter was 78.9 percent, better by approximately 1.07 percent
than the conventional flyback converter.


<p>Battery management system, Charge equalization system, Bi-direction flyback, Synchronous flyback, Fuzzy logic.<br />(Selected from 1st Symposium on Hands-on Research and Development, Chiang Mai)</p>

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