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Design Procedure of a Simple Air Flow Meter for Engine Testing

Chedthawut PoPoompipatpong, Peeteenut Triwong



In an engine research and development procedure, researchers intend to collect as much data as possible since it is
crucial for the precise and reliable results. Air consumption affects directly to the engine output torque and power. Therefore, it is important that the researchers should have an equipment or instrument for measuring the intake airflow rate. Air Box is one of the generally used equipments since it is comparatively cheap in price and it operates under the basic engineering principles. Moreover, it can be easily constructed with an acceptable accuracy. This article concluded the basic of orifice plate, manometer and Bernoulli’s equation including other essential equations which brought to the calculating method of an appropriate Air Box capacity for a particular engine testing.


Air-flow meter, Air box, Engine testing, Orifice

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