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Development of Water Quality Index for the Management of Water Resources

Wanida Chooaksorn



Water quality index (WQI) is a mathematical tool. WQI is calculated from measurements of various parameters that
combined into a single value. The parameters were selected to calculate the WQI is only associated with water resource which the technique was cluster type analysis, factor analysis and multiple regression. The calculation of water quality to scores from 0 to 100 points which scores were compared with water quality standards for surface water sources according to the notification of the National Environment Board and scores were indicated the situation of water quality is excellent, good, fair, poor and very poor. WQI can reduce the time and cost of analyzing water quality. In addition, WQI can be easily understood and can describe the water quality is changing quickly. Using the WQI appropriately in each area can use the result as a guide to managing water resources more quickly, most effective, appropriate and sustainable.


Water quality index, Water quality, Water resource management

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