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Stability Improvement of Brake Disc to Mode Coupling at High Frequency Squeal

Anutcharee Khuntiptong, Chak Chantalakhana


In this research study, the high-frequency squeal noise of a brake disc was found to occurred at a frequency of about 15 kHz. The potential root cause has been studied where mode frequency coupling and shape locking mechanism of brake disc and brake pads components are the main investigated topic. From the vehicle field test and the Dynamometer test, the braking condition, friction coefficient and braking pressure, have been confirmed to be used in numerical experiments. The updated finite element model (FEM) with the modal testing data of the existing brake components are formulated for the Complex Eigenvalue Analysis (CEA). In this study, the modification is based on in-board and out-board cheek thickness of the brake disc. Two of nine modifications of the brake disc cheek thickness are proposed with the method of separation the brake disc out-of-plane and in-plane modes and the method of avoiding shape locking between the brake disc and the brake pads modes. The constructed prototypes are verified with the vehicle field test and well agreed with the CEA.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2020.11.005


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