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An Enhanced Performance to Monitor Process Mean with Modified Exponentially Weighted Moving Average – Sign Control Chart

Rattikarn Taboran, Saowanit Sukparungsee


The purpose of this research is to enhance performance for detecting a change in process mean by combining modified exponentially weighted moving average and sign control charts. This is nonparametric control chart which effective alternatives to the parametric control chart so called MEWMA-Sign. The nonparametric control chart can serve when process observations is deviated from normal distribution assumption. Generally, the performance of control charts are widely measured by average run length (ARL) divided into two cases; in control ARL (ARL0) and out of control ARL (ARL1). In this paper, the performance comparison is investigated when processes are non-normal distributions. The performance of the MEWMA-Sign is compared EWMA-Sign control chart by considering from a minimum value of ARL1. The numerical results found that the MEWMASign performs better than EWMA-Sign in order to detect a very small shift of mean process. Additionally, the real application of the MEWMA-Sign and EWMA-Sign are presented.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2021.10.013


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