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Prospective of Magnesium and Alloy-based Composites for Lightweight Railway Rolling Stocks

Paul Thomas, Chin Wei Lai, Mohd Rafie Johan


Magnesium and its alloy have superior characteristics and matches to great potential in railway rolling stocks. The low density and high strength make it ideal for lightweight applications, exceptionally for car bodies and rolling stocks. In this study, a comprehensive review has been carried out on magnesium alloy towards its prospective in railroad vehicles, emphasizing fatigue damage, vibration, energy savings, and overcoming wear or friction loss. Furthermore, with better stiffness and strength, the weight reduction contributes to the better energy and fuel-saving for low-speed trains than bullet and high-speed trains. However, the potential application of magnesium and its alloy has a colossal study gap in the railway industry's processing, fabrication, and maintenance that needs further studies and research.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2022.02.006


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