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A Perspective on the Potential Material Candidate for Railway Sector Applications: PVA Based Functionalized Graphene Reinforced Composite

Akarsh Verma


In this perspective article, the advantages offered by the biodegradable poly(vinyl alcohol) polymer matrix with 2D graphene nano-particles (in the functionalized form) for the innovation of new materials are showcased. Functionalization induces strong covalent bonding on the surface of graphene sheets when heaped in between the polymer matrix; on the other hand, no functionalization holds only the relatively weak van der Waals forces. This bonding type difference in conjunction with the ultrahigh tensile strength of graphene nanosheet makes it a suitable candidate for bearing higher loads, and it has been proposed here to use this innovative material in the railway sector application. Many research articles have been discussed here to understand the chemical mechanisms, as well as a thorough literature review, has been conducted for the same.


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DOI: 10.14416/j.asep.2022.03.009


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