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A Study on the Strength of Sintered Part in SLS Process by Infiltration Technique

S. Solomon Bobby, S. Narayanan, Ashish Kumar Nath


Rapid prototyping is the emerging technology to meet the customer needs. A complex profile can be obtained without using any tool and die concepts. Components are produced by Selective Laser Sintering process (SLS) should undergo the process of infiltration with Billets to improve the strength of the component. This paper interconnects these three processes of SLS, regular moulding process and Infiltration process to increase the mechanical properties of the component. Sintered part is produced with ST100 Stainless Steel Powder by SLS Machine. Billets are made by regular moulding processes with various metal powder compositions of Copper, Tin and Zinc. Sintered part and Billets are kept in the oven for infiltration processes for a modified cycle time to increase the mechanical properties of the component. Alumina is playing a vital role to conduct heat through uniformly. Finally infiltrated components were obtained, checked the mechanical properties of surface roughness, surface hardness, tensile strength and microstructure and chemical combination was obtained through EDAX test.


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