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Moving Towards Problem Based Learning (PBL): Some Initial Experiences at AUT University

S. Singamneni, A. Jowit


A business case was first presented for the School of Engineering at AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand, to change the delivery schemes of all undergraduate degree programs towards a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach, envisioning a raised institutional profile, improved completion rates, increased community or industry engagement, increased consultancy income, and improved staff retention. In preparation for the actual move towards PBL, a preliminary study was undertaken subsequently to consider issues such as staff training, resource development and risk factors. The role of a teacher as a facilitator and the educational philosophy behind it needed to be reviewed, in order to be able to formulate a staff development scheme. Curriculum and resource development aspects and the timeline for the implementation of PBL at AUT were also investigated and reported. This paper presents some of the highlighting features of this report.


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