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Vol 10, No 4 (2017)

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Editorial Corner

Memristive Systems and Beyond PDF
Dalibor Biolek

Review Article

Is Doubled Haploid Production in Sorghum Impossible? PDF
Kanokwan Teingtham and Niegel D La Borde

Research Articles

Discrete Least Square Estimation of Polynomial Models for ECG Data PDF
Thitanont Charurotkeerati and Walailuck Chavanasporn
Evaluation of Pyrolysis as a Method of Waste Recovery from the Non-Metallic Fraction of Printed Circuit Board Waste PDF
Songpol Boonsawat , Premrudee Kanchanapiya , Erik L.J. Bohez and Soon Chia
Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production from Biogas Reforming by Gliding Arc Plasma- Catalyst Minireactor PDF
Banhan Khanchai , Nongnuch Rueangjitt , Sumaeth Chavadej and Hidetoshi Sekiguchi
Modeling Impacts of Dengue Vaccination on Sequential Epidemics PDF
Nichaphat Patanarapeelert and Klot Patanarapeelert
Molecular Docking Analysis on Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Wild Type (EGFRwt) with Quinazoline Derivative Compounds as Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors PDF
Herlina Rasyid , Ria Armunanto and Bambang Purwono
The Genetic Algorithms for Dynamic Order Volume with Randomly and Inconsecutively Demands PDF
Chartchai Usadornsak and Chayathach Phuaksaman
Warehouse Performance Measurement: Structural Equation Modeling Technique and PEST Analysis PDF
Anucha Hirunwat , Premporn Khemavuk and Vichai Rungreunganun


Cover Vol. 10, No. 4, October-December 2017 PDF
Cover Vol. 10, No. 4, October-December 2017

Editorial Team

Editorial Team PDF
Editorial Team

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Template for Publishing Papers PDF
Template for Publishing Papers

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