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Development of Learning Object on Indochina for Mathayomsuksa 1 Students

Natthasiri Doknaree, Jongkol Kanperm, Kobkul Sunphakitjumnong


The purposes of the research were 1) to develop Learning Object on Indochina for Mathayomsuksa 1;students with quality level as “good” according to experts evaluation, 2) to compare the students pre-test;scores and post-test scores, and 3) to study the students satisfaction on the developed Learning Object.;The subject was 30 Mathayomsuksa 1 students at Khamsakaesaeng School Nakhon Ratchasima;Province. The research tools utilized in this study were Learning Object, pre-test, post-test, and;questionnaires. The data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, and t-test.;The research results were 1) the developed Learning Object was evaluated by content expert as “very;good” level, and technical expert as “good” level of quality, 2) the students post-test scores after studying;through Learning Object were statistically significant higher than the students pre-test scores at .05 level, and;3) the students satisfaction on developed Learning Object was at very good level.


Development; Learning Object; Indochina; Mathayomsuksa 1 Students

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