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Waveguide Filter Design (WFD) Tool in the Teaching of Microwave Engineering

Sarun Choocadee, Somsak Akatimagool


This paper presents the Waveguide Filter Design (WFD) program using principle of electromagnetic wave theory and Wave Iterative Method (WIM) based on propagation of incident, reflected and transmitted waves in the waveguide for microwave engineering education. After the surveying by questionnaire about the nature in the microwave engineering course, the instructors found that the microwave engineering subject has the difficult and complicate calculation, thus the simulation program is important to use in the teaching of microwave engineering. The structure of developed WFD program menu consists of input, output, and processing part which operate by using GUI (Graphic User Interface) of MATLAB®. The simulated results were good agreement in the comparing with theory. The evaluation of ten experts for the quality of WFD program was very good that simulation program can be used in themicrowave circuit design as easily and use in the teaching of microwave engineering with efficiency.


Microwave Engineering; Waveguide Filter Design; Wave Iterative Method; Simulation Program

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