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An ERPAI Model for Curriculum Evaluation

Bussarakam Tongpet, Surat Promchun, Somkid Saelee


The purposes of this research are to synthesize the curriculum evaluation model in order to accord with 9 items for curriculum evaluation report of Bussarakam and Surat Concept, and then to study the opinion of the curriculum administration staffs about the developed model. The sample of this research is collected from purposive sampling consisting of dean, lecturers, and staffs who are responsible for the curriculum management. They are totally 15 persons from 7 educational institutions. The results from the developed model, called ERPAI, show that the curriculum administration staffs agree with this evaluation components and methodology with the mean 4.20 from 5.00. Furthermore, they agree with the ERPAI components consisting of 5 parts as follows 1) the environment, 2) the resource, 3) the process, 4) the achievement, and 5) the impact with the mean by 4.20, 4.20, 4.07, 4.07 and 4.00 respectively. At the conclusion, it is said that the related persons agree with the developed model (ERPAI model) and this developed model is suitable to evaluate the curriculum.


Curriculum Evaluation; Curriculum Evaluation Model

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