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Design and Simulation of 2 DOFs Five-Bars Parallel Link Haptic Interface System with Simulink®/SimMechanics™

Taweedej Sirithanapipat, Somphot Tobanleng


This paper presents the design of the haptic device (a device that can give a sense of touch to the user via a computer simulation: virtual object) . The design of this haptic device is a parallel five-bar linkage mechanism. The work space of the device is in plane of a square 200 × 200 square millimeters. An Introduction to Simulink®/SimMechanics™ is briefly discussed. The software is very powerful for mechanism analysis. The kinematic of this mechanism both forward kinematic and inverse kinematic is analyzed by using Simulink®/SimMechanics™ with the visualization for a clearer and more effective analysis. The results obtained from the analysis and simulation show that the design of the parallel five-bar linkage haptic device comply with the initial design.


Haptic Interface; Forward Kinematics; Inverse Kinematics; Five-bar Mechanism

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