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Multimedia Production to Publishing Knowledge by Participation of Community in Kalasin\, Thailand

Natthapong Pralabraksa


The purposes of this research were 1) to develop a community documentary entitled the Marketing Model of Non-Chemical Vegetables for Consumers, and 2) to study effects of learning management using ADFEEP Model. The target groups were 3 experts in multimedia development, 30 people from a Kalasin Province community, and 15 students. The instruments used in this research were 3 episodes of the community documentary, a media quality assessment, satisfaction questionnaires, learning achievement tests, and questionnaires on learners’ opinions. Statistics used in this research were mean, standard deviation, and t-test (dependent samples). The research found that 1) the results of multimedia production for knowledge publication with participation of Kalasin province community were 1.1) 4 parts of the community documentary: part I—8.14 minutes of the project background, part II—2.05 minutes of the project process, part III—1.56 minutes of producers’ information, and part IV—2.53 minutes of the market mechanism consisting buyers’ and sellers’ information, the experts’ opinions on the quality of multimedia were at high levels (


Multimedia; Knowledge; Participation

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