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Development of a Decision-making Tool for Choosing Traffic Signal Controls under Within-day Traffic Variations

Anon Chantaratang, Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan


This research focused on the efficiency of traffic signal controls under within-day traffic variation factors between two traffic controls: fixed-time control and semi-actuated control, and to study the development of a decision-making tool for choosing traffic signal controls under withinday traffic variations. A study focused on isolated intersection and used traffic simulation computer software. The results of this study showed that the efficiency of traffic signal control depends on the degree of within-day traffic variation. It was also found that semi-actuated control is more efficient than fixed-time control in the case of high within-day traffic variation while fixed-time control is better when within-day variation is low. Afterwards, a decision-support tool for the selection between the two traffic signal controls was developed by using binary logistic regression.


Traffic Signal; Semi-Actuated Traffic Signal; Fixed-Time Traffic Signal; Binary Logistic Regression

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