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The Academic Affairs Administration Innovations of Basic Education School Administrator

Wilai Pruksakorn, Nopadon Chenaksara


school administrator and 2) appropriate academic administration innovations of basic education school administrator. The samples were 1 school administrator, 1 deputy of school administrator or academic teacher, and 1 teacher in charge of any subject department from each school, with the total of 100 school which were from 50 schools under the Secondary Education Office Service Area and 50 schools under the Primary Education Office Service Area. There were total 300 respondents consisting. The instrument used for data collection was an opinionnaire form. The statistics used for data analysis were descriptive statistics namely frequency, percentage, and mode as well and Kendall Coefficient of Concordance. The findings of this research revealed as follows: 1) The 50 academic affairs administration innovations of basic education school administrator were found and 2) The 12 academic affairs administration innovations covering in 17 areas of basic education school administrator were found appropriately with school attribute namely; (1) School- Based Management, (2) Participative Management, (3) Coaching, (4) Individual Teaching, (5) Innovative Management Based on Quality Assurance, (6) Mixed Management, (7) Information Communication Technology : ICT, (8) Associate Network Management, (9) Team Work Management, (10) TipCo Management : Teamwork, Integration, Participation, Continuous Improvement, (11) Distance Learning Information Technology : DLIT, and (12) Office Station Unit Management.


Academic Administration Innovation; School Administrator

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