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Hydraulic Transmissivity of Geocomposite Under Soil Surrounded Condition

Apinun Buritatum, Suksun Horpibulsuk, Artit Udomchai


This research investigates the flow behavior of geocomposite materials in the laboratory testing under pressure stress, hydraulic gradient and soil Surrounded, a modified transmissivity test apparatus was developed to estimate the transmissivity of geocomposite under real working conditions. Two scenarios were conducted in which the geocomposite material was placed on a soil layer for caseⅠ, for the second scenario the geocomposite was embedded between soil layers, subsequently the soil-geocomposite systems were subjected to different magnitudes of vertical effective stress of 50, 100, and 150 kPa, respectively. The obtained results indicate that the transmissivity of geocomposite slightly changed for the first condition (caseⅠ) compared to conventional method, namely ASTM D 4716, whereas there was a significant change found in the caseⅡ. This might be due to the effect of other factors that occurred in the second scenario such as clogging, bending of geocomposite layer leading to a decrease in the performance of geocomposite.


Geocoposite; Hydraulic Transmissivity; Soil Surrounded Condition; Developed Test Apparatus

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