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The Doctor of Philosophy Graduators in Educational Administration Outcome Mapping\, Silpakorn University

Ampornkan Bourkrong, Sakdipan Tonwimonrat, Nopadol Chenaksara, Prasert Intarak


The purposes of this research was to determine the information and guidelines for each sub-step of the outcome mapping of Ph.D. graduators that consisted of 3 steps which were the intentional design, outcome and performance monitoring, and evaluation planning. The respondents were 153 graduators. The data were collected by using questionnaires and in-depth interview. The data were analyzed by frequency and percentage. The findings were as follows: 1) Outcome mapping of Ph.D. graduators were 3 steps and 12 sub-steps. The first step was Intentional Design which was consisted of 1) Vision, 2) Mission 3) Boundary Partners 4) Outcome Challenges 5) Progress Markers 6) Strategy Maps 7) Organizational Practices. The second step was tracking which consisted of 1) Monitoring Priorities 2) Outcome Journals 3) Strategy Journal and 4) Performance Journal. The last step was Evaluation Planning. 2) The internal design of outcome mapping of faculty of Education Administration was vision that was “the academic quality, activity expertise, and expert leaders”. Next, outcome and performance monitoring were open-minded feedback from stakeholders and outsiders to review outcome mapping and operation. The Last, there was evaluation planning of curriculum, context, and appropriate partners with successful graduators of operation.


The outcome mapping of graduators

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