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The Benchmarking of Environmental Education Administration in the Basic Education School

Jutarat Ruammek, Nopadol Chenaksara


This research aimed to determine 1) the factors of environmental education administration in the basic education school and 2) its guidelines for benchmarking in basic education schools. This research has 3 main steps: creating a conceptual framework, analyzing factors by using exploratory factor analysis, and determining the guidelines for benchmarking through workshop using content analysis. The samples were 108 Eco-schools. The respondents were: (1) school administrators, (2) heads of environmental education project, and (3) teachers responsible for environmental education activities with a total of 324 respondents. The research instruments were an unstructured interview and an opinionnaire. The research findings revealed as follows: 1) There are 6 factors of environmental education administration in the basic education school consisting: 1.1) curriculum development, 1.2) network building, 1.3) shared vision formulation, 1.4) innovation media creation, 1.5) learning atmosphere creation, and 1.6) developing environmental leader. 2) 192 guidelines for benchmarking environmental education administration were classified into 6 factors accordingly consisting: 2.1) Curriculum development factor consisted of 33 guidelines, 2.2) network building consisted of 29 guidelines, 2.3) shared vision formulation consisted of 35 guidelines, 2.4) innovation media creation consisted of 34 guidelines, 2.5) learning environment creation consisted of 34 guidelines, and 2.6) environmental leadership consisted of 27 guidelines. Each of factors included 4 repetitive steps consisting: 1) planning, 2) benchmarking, 3) analyzing, and 4) implementation for continuous improvement. These guidelines for benchmarking will accelerate the development of environmental education administration in the basic education school.


Benchmarking; Environmental education Administration

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