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Design and Development of Learning Innovation Enhancing the Learners’ Knowledge Construction based on Thai Wisdom and Thai Living on the topic of Force and Pressure for Fifth Grade Students

Sumalee Chajaroen, Issara Khanjug, Charuni Samat, Parama Kwangmuang, Pornsawan Wongtatum


The purpose of this study was to design and develop learning innovation enhancing learner’s knowledge construction based on local wisdom and Thai living. The target group was fifth grade students from 10 schools, total of 271 students in primary school level under the Office of Kalasin Educational Service Area 1, Khon Kaen Educational Service Area 1 and 4. Developmental Research Type I was employed in this study. The research finding revealed that: This learning innovation was designed based on designing framework that synthesized from theories and principles as followings: knowledge construction based on Thai social, Thai culture and Thai living, including the Thai fundamental value and Thai wisdom. It consisted of 12 essential elements as followings; (1) Problem bases (2) Problem analysis center (3) Resources (4) Scaffoldings (5) Collecting data development center (6) Questioninganswering center (7) Decision making center (8) Experiment and verify center (9) Collaborative learning center (10) Local wisdom center (11) Value creation Center and (12) Integration center. In additional, it was found that the quality of the learning innovation was appropriate in 5 dimensions: (1) Product evaluation by experts review, (2) Contextual utilization evaluation by literature review, (3) Opinions of learners evaluation toward the learning innovation by opinionnaire and five basic value of learners by using self-report, (4) An assessment on the learners’ ability to construct the knowledge based on Thai wisdom and living by protocol analysis of interview result and (5) The achievement scores of the learners by using achievement test showed 81.5% ( x = 16.30, S.D. = 0.14) passed the criterion score, 80%.


Learning innovation; Knowledge construction; Thai Wisdom and Thai Living; Force and Pressure; Instructional design

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