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Proper Noun of Education Unit toward the structure Changed of the Ministry of Education

Wichuta Tongkhamkanlaya, Nopadol Chenaksara


The purposes of this research were ; 1) to study the development of education organization proper nouns in accordance with the restructuring of the Ministry of Education, and 2) to study the cooperative meaning of the old and new naming of education organization in accordance with the restructuring of the Ministry of Education. There were 3 steps for this research; setting the conceptual frame work; data analysis; and conclusion based on education organization proper nouns in accordance with the restructuring of the Ministry of Education, classifying and language analyzing in terms of syllables, types of words, and meaning. The data were analyzed by descriptive analysis. The findings were as follows : (1) conclusion of the development of proper nouns in five periods are, the first period before 1892 A.D., there were 4 proper nouns ; Krom-Viang, Krom-Wang, Krom-Khlang and Krom-Nar, most of these words derived from Khmer and Thai tradition words which a few syllables, the second period : 1892-1932 A.D., the education organization proper nouns have a lot of changed. Started with new words such as “Thammakarn” and “Suksathikarn”, the third period : 1932-1999 A.D., there was a primary education Act and National education plan which effected to education proper nouns and found the words from a foreign language, the fourth period: 1999-2003 A.D., there was 1999 A.D. National education act for Thai education system. It was the major changed of Thai education. They changed structure which effected to organization proper nouns. The proper nouns were compound noun and more than five syllables. The words still came from Pali-Sanskrit, the fifth period: 2004 – present : had more changed in national education which effected to education proper nouns. There were varieties of proper nouns which compound of more than five syllables, also compound of traditional words, Khmer, Pali-Sanskrit differed in prefix, and (2) comparative meanings are found changed effected to education proper nouns such as National Council for Peace and Order’s announcement which restructured to education system, some of the old proper nouns were reused again. For example provincial superintendent, etc., which effected to the position in education organization and also the role, function, responsibility and compensation, could not mention the rank of position and scope of authority too.


Educational Administration structure; Proper noun; Education

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