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A Study of Students Learning Achievements with Different Levels of Technology Adoption on Cartoon Drawing

Komkai Pawuttanon, Kobkul Sunphakitjumnong, Jongkol Kanperm


The purpose of this research was to compare the students learning achievements via mobile learning with different levels of technology adoption. They were divided into 3 groups: low level of technology adoption, moderate level of technology adoption, and high level of technology adoption. Subjects were 100 Mathayomsuksa 5 students of Visuttarangsi School, Kanchanaburi province, in the first semester of 2016 academic year. The research instruments were mobile learning on cartoon drawing, Technology acceptance test, pretest, posttest, and performance assessment form. The statistics employed was one way ANOVA. The research result revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between Mathayomsuksa 5 students with different levels of technology adoption at .05 level.


levels of technology adoption; mobile learning

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