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Development of Dual Educational System with e-Learning of Private Vocational Education Colleges

Phairoh Rachsomboon, Boonreang Kajornsin, Taneenart Nasoontorn


The objectives of this research were 1) to develop a bilateral teaching and learning management system with online media for Private Vocational College, 2) to examine the suitability of the system, and 3) to evaluate the trial of the system. The research was divided into 3 phases: 1) System development; 2) Suitability and feasibility validation, and 3) Evaluation of system implementation. The findings were as follows: 1) Bilateral teaching and learning management system with online media for Private Vocational College consisted of four components: 1. The input consisted of policies and operational plans, related personnel, ICT systems, teaching and budgeting tools. 2. The process consisted of the implementation of bilateral teaching and learning activities with online media and related personnel. 3. The output consisted of the learners can pass the criteria specified in the High Vocational Certificate program BE. 2557 and students were satisfied with the system. 4. Feedback consisted of applying all evaluation results to the improvement of the system. 2) The suitability and the feasibility of the system implementation approving indicated that more than 80% of respondents agreed with each system component. 3) The system implementation evaluation indicated that in the first semester of academic year 2016, 63.57% of the students had the grade point at 2.0 and above. They were satisfied with all aspects of the system at a high level to the highest level. The system evaluation was based on 4 JCSEE aspects: utility, feasibility, suitability, and the accuracy the system evaluation indicated that all aspects were at the highest level, only some small issues should be improved. The system was improved to be complete and suitable for online teaching and learning management for next generation of bilateral learners.


Learning Management System; Dual Educational System; e-Learning

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