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A Study of Blended Learning Model in Basic Courses of Engineering

Sayamon Insaard


The research aimed at studying patterns of blended teaching management basic “Engineering courses”. The procedures of research are 1. analyzing and synthesising of basic data about blended teaching management 2. Interviewing the opinions from the executive of university about the blended teaching management in Thailand 3. Creating online questionnaires and inquiring the experts about the components and procedure the blended teaching management basic “Engineering courses” 4. Summarizing and presents the result of the studying pattern of blended teaching management ditto. The instruments used for the study were 5 ratio scale online questionnaires. The samples in this study were 4 experts about blended teaching management in University and 21 engineering teaching experts in creating knowledge. The statistics used for analyzing the quantitative were frequency, percentage. The findings revealed as follows: 1. The pattern of blended teaching management basic “Engineering courses” has 2 components:- 1) policy of blended teaching management in university which integrate between e-learning study and face-to-face learning but not replace each other by use face-to-face in ratio 100% and use e-learning study for highest benefit of learners. 2) Teaching activities: 2.1) prepare the teaching 2.2) The procedure teaching management 2.3) the method of blended teaching 2.4) the measurement and evaluation 2. The procedure of blended teaching management is composed of 6 procedures: 1. Presentation the problems in classroom 2. Studying the problems via website 3. Finding the way to answer via website 4. Creating the knowledge in classroom 5. Bring the knowledge to use in classroom 6. Evaluating via website.


Blended Learning; Basic Courses of Engineering

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