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Development of Training Package Based on Active Experimentation Learning in Fundamental of Robotics

Numchoke Wattananaiya, Wichai Chaikra, Surat Sakulhom, Poolsak Koseeyaporn, Wanchai Talanont


In this research, a training set for introductory of robotic study was developed to help students understand the kinetics and control of industrial robots based on the developed training set. In addition, they could more clearly understand the robot structures via both computer simulation and the developed robot parts. The hardware and software are designed to support learners to study under active experiment learning approach. The results in this design and construction of the system consists of 1) the learning plan and experiment sheets a focus on learning experience 2) the developed program for letting ROBOSIM to support the motion control card (MPC-3024) which can control up to 4 servo motors 3) the robot structure from real robot structure assembly and from ROBOSIM software, RRR and PRR robot having 3-axis, 45-centimetre height and weighting about 10 kilograms. The testing results show that the software can simulate robot motion based on inverse kinematics correctly where the numerical error is less than 1%.


Robotics; Training Package; Experimentation Learning

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