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Needs Assessment for Using the Social Network with Instructional Management for Undergraduate Student

Chawin Chukusol, Chanakan Sriratanaban


The objective of this study was: to identify the needs assessment for using the social network with instructional management for undergraduate student. The sample size of this study was 120 students who studied in 4 universities under the ministry of education. The research instrument was a 5-rating scale questionnaire of which the Cronbach’s Alpha reliability coefficients was 0.93, needs identification using PNImodified. The research was found that all undergraduate students were member of a social network online (100 percent), by that Facebook status was 61.7 percent and 38.3 percent of members on Facebook and Twitter. The daily maximum frequency of access to social networks was 70.0 percents, and spent the most time was 3-6 hours/day, equivalent to 40.8 percent of the sample group. The study of the needs assessment with the overall index value PNImodified was to using social networking for instructional management that was the highest. The prioritization of needs to run an social network for instructional management was found that communication activities with the highest was needs to use Twitter for submissions, followed by a summary of lessons through Twitter. When given the priority of the needs to use Facebook as the PNImodified index, the first was a summary of lessons through Facebook. The next in rank were: use Facebook for submissions and learning theoretical course. When considered needs by the communication, the communication from teachers to students and the communication from students to teachers was the same.


Social Network; Needs Assessment

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