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A Consultation and Recommendation Model for Student Teacher Interns

Siriporn Angsopa, Surat Promchun, Siriluk Hanvatananukul


The purposes of this research were: to construct a model for consultation and recommendation for student teacher interns; to develop a system according to the designed model; and to evaluate its effectiveness and its implementation. After offline and online system had been created, developed, and tested by experts, it was implemented to explore the users’ satisfaction to the system in the first semester of academic year 2011 at faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The results showed that the system was strongly suitable ( Mean = 4.24) as rated by users who were 66 interns in Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, 5 supervisors , and 8 mentors from technical colleges under the Vocational Education Commission. Concerning the offline system rated by 22 senior interns and 13 supervisors, it was assessed as strongly suitable ( Mean = 4.20). In addition, the online system was marked by 5 experts in information systems as ‘strongly meet quality requirements’ ( Mean = 4.28). The satisfaction to an actual implementation of the offline system was evaluated by 17 junior interns and 14 supervisors. The users were strongly satisfied ( Mean = 4.29) with the system. Similarly the actual online system was rated ‘strongly satisfied’ ( Mean = 4.37) by 17 junior interns, 14 supervisors, 17 mentors, and 3 administrators. The satisfaction to overall system implementation was evaluated by 6 persons in the model board and 13 persons in the model committee. They were strongly satisfied with operating of consultation and recommendation model ( Mean = 4.29). In conclusion the consultation and recommendation system for student teacher interns is highly suitable. It can be expanded and practiced for real use in student teacher internship programs.


Student teacher intern; consultation and recommendation system

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