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Development of a Training Package for Log Book Preparation of the Royal Goldsmith Program, The Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College

Phiriyaphon Chairangsi, Teerapong Wiriyanon


This present research aims at the improving the efficiency of the Log Book. And achievement before / after the training. The sample used in this study were selected purposively. For training students in the workshops in The Golden Jubilee Royal Goldsmith College bachelor degree, third year, Royal Goldsmith. A number of students are 15 as the sample of the experiment tried out for the Log Book (semester). Pretest postest and observation are the evaluation both attitudes and knowledge. Collect and analysis the raw data by using descriptive statistics - mean percentage and comparison with the average test (ttest). The result showed that it is average 76.42/75.32 higher than the present threshold 75/75 and differs significant scores between the pretest and postest after the training in the workshop are statistic significance at .01 level. Assessment of practical skills by using the training kit for Log Book. The average results of the practice 78.35 percent. Higher than 75 percent. Defined according to the hypothesis.


Module training Package; Log Book

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