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Agile Project Management Model for Smart m-Learning

Annop Piyasinchart, Namon Jeerungsuwan


The purpose of the research study is to purpose the agile project management model for management program that involve in the information communication and technology such as “The Agile Project Manage- ment for Smart m-Learning”. The model comes out from many article and research document reviewed in the area of Management principle; Deming’s management (PDCA), Complex Adaptive System: CAS, PMI project management and 3 new agile project management: 1) eXtreme Project Management, 2) Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products, and 3) Project Management e-learning. The open-ended questions are then developed and used to interview 2 selected target for model approving. The former are 5 project management experts who have more than 15 years of experience in their career path, the latter are 3 project management experts m-Learning or e-Learning from the academic. According to the in-depth interviews, the model is accepted by the experts. All comments are then used to synthesize to improve the model which is finally named “SEED of WISDOM for Agile Project Management. SEED is the 4 main management concepts of the model which are Scheme, Execute, Evaluate and Develop. WISDOM is the 6 processes which are 1) What are Project Outputs and Outcomes Definition? 2) Iterative Cycle Planning for Resources and Process Management 3) Scrum Project by Self Doing Activity with Simple Rule Control through the Iterative Review Cycle 4) Delivery Final Products for Acceptance and Rollout Project 5) Operate Retrospect 6) Manage Guideline for Continuous Improvement. The model will be implemented to manage the “Smart m-Learning” project in the future.


Plan Do Check Act Project Management; PMBOK; Complex Adaptive System; Agile Project Management; Smart m-Learning

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