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The Development of Intelligent Web-based Training Adopting Problem-based Learning with Counseling System

Bundit Rungcharoenporn, Sasichaai Tanamai


The research study aimed to achieve in developing a model of intelligent web-based training adopting problem-based learning with counseling system, and comparing the training achievement for intelligent with normal web-based training using test and problem solving scores of a basic knowledge of marine transport subject. Sixty staffs of RCL Public Company Limited, who never passed the training course were sampling for the research scope. The research instrument was intelligent web-based training of marine transport subject. The result found that a model of intelligent web-based training composed of 6 components: 1) Trainee Model Component provides data and records of the trainees, 2) Knowledge Component stores the content used in the training, 3) Expert Component offers functional analysis to classify the participants into groups based on their level of related knowledge, 4) Counseling Component guides trainees during the activities with tips that matched to their knowledge and monitors each trainer’s learning progress. This will assist trainees to achieve their training objectives more effectively 5) Training Component conducts the training and 6) Communication Component controls the interaction with the trainees. The model evaluation were accepted at highly rate ( = 4.29). The achievements of trainees in intelligent web-based training which classified in each group based on level of basic knowledge had shown with different effect. The group that had the most basic knowledge tended to outperform the moderated basic knowledge group which also performed better than group which contained minimum knowledge. An intelligent web-based training produced better result than a normal web-based training except the group which contained moderated basic knowledge at the statistical significant level .05.


Problem-based Learning; Intelligent Web-based Training; Computer Agent

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