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The Development of Computer Assisted Instruction in ASEAN Studies

Ekkarin Wayo


The objectives of the research study to (1) develop and find an efficiency of the computer assisted instruction in Asian studies for the second year students of Songkhla Rajabhat University, (2) to study the achievement of students after studying with computer assisted instruction Asian studies. The studied samples were 40 2nd year students of Songkhla Rajabhat University. They were selected by using Sampling of student groups. The research tools consisted of Computer assisted teaching Asian studies, achievement test. The research statistics consisted of using mean, standard deviation, and t-test (Dependent). The research findings were Computer-assisted instruction in Asian studies. When calculating the effective E1/E2 was 82.44/84.25 which was higher than the set criterion 80/80, the students learning achievement after learning with the computer assisted teaching Asian studies was higher than the pretest at statistically significant level .05 and compared means of the opinion of sampling group towards learning with the computer assisted teaching Asian studies were at the highest level.


CAI; Asean Studies

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