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The Optical Voltage-response Comparison of Marking on the Plastic Answer Sheet with Square and Circle-shape Answers

Witthayakorn Boachon, Manit Sittichai


The purposes of this research was to create a plastic answer sheet used in teaching, to analyze the optical voltage-response of a plastic answer sheet from the circle and square shapes, and to survey the satisfaction of the use of plastic answer sheet with circle shape and square shape. The instruments used in this research were plastic answer sheets with circle and square shapes, questionnaire an encoder and a oscilloscope. The plastic answer sheet was made from white PVC sheet having the dimension of 70 × 253 millimeters with 0.5 millimeter of thickness. The letters and signs were printed on the sheet by silk screen which compose of 60 questions with 5 multiple choices. The population was the third year vocational students in Electrical and Electronics of Thai-German Pre-engineering school, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok. They enrolled in the program in the first semester of the academic year 2013. The optical voltage was number of measuring from the collector of phototransistor which measurement from plastic answer sheet 25 form by measuring 100 times in 1 form. The results of this research showed that the optical voltage-response from the plastic answer sheet between circle shape and square shape are no difference. Moreover, the satisfaction analysis of the satisfaction of the use of plastic answer sheet with circle and square shapes showed that 60.95 percent of the population was satisfied with the circle shape rather than the square shape. The 25.71 percent of the population reveal their satisfaction with the square shape more than circle shape. The 13.33 percent of the population was satisfied with both circle shape and square shapes equally.


Plastic answer sheet; Optical voltage-response

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