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Competency Development of Mechanical Drafting for the Manufacturing Industry in Thailand

Kanlaya Ubontip, Somyot Jedjaroenruk


This research aimed to 1) develop the mechanical drafting occupational standard. 2) develop the desired mechanical drafting for the manufacturing in Thailand. The research results were shown as followed: 1) The mechanical drafting occupational standard consisted of unit of competency, element of competency in order to create performance criteria, range and evidence. The experts from manufacturing industries were invited for a professional focus group to assess and acknowledge the mechanical drafting occupational standard which consisted of 11 units of competency and 36 elements of competency. The focus group result found that all the experts agreed and acknowledged entire the assessment list with 100 percentages. 2) The competency development of mechanical drafting for manufacturing industries had the following steps. 2.1) The desired mechanical drafting need analysis was done by 15 experts using 5 - rating scale. 2.2) The mechanical drafting training modules was designed and analyzed. The 6 experts were invited to assess the content validity focus group. The results of the content validity found that the consistency analysis between behavioral objectives and the mechanical drafting training modules, the experts agreed with 100 percentages. The consistency analysis between exercises and the mechanical drafting training modules, the experts agreed with 100 percentages. The experts’ opinions on the mechanical drafting performance criteria assessment list found that all the experts agreed with 100 percentages. 3) The result of the learners’ testing on mechanical drafting training module found that the average of posttest score was higher than pretest score with 0.05 statistical significant. The result of learners’ performance testing was higher than the module criteria which was higher than 80 percentages. It means the learners have mechanical drafting competency. The learners’ satisfaction on mechanical drafting training modules is high.


Competency development; Mechanical drafting

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